City Drainage PVC PipesCity Drainage PVC PipesCity Drainage PVC PipesCity Drainage PVC Pipes
City Drainage PVC PipesCity Drainage PVC PipesCity Drainage PVC PipesCity Drainage PVC Pipes

City Drainage PVC Pipes

1. Size: DN16mm-1800mm (Can be customized)

2. Pressure: 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, and 20 Bar.

3. Material:  polyvinyl chloride

4. Standards: ASTM D1785, AS/NZS 2032, ISO 9852, GOST R 52134, SABS 996

5. Certificates: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

6. PVC pipes Life Span: 70 Years


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Puhui Industry have offered high quality City Drainage PVC Pipes & fittings and excellent services to complement growing demands in more than 960 cities and 50 fields with a broad rang of smart, efficient comprehensive solutions and technical supports for more than 30 years.

PVC city drainage pipes are used for drainage, mainly used for building drainage on real estate projects, rainwater, community drainage, etc.

 Brief Details:

Product Name

City Drainage PVC pipes

Sizes Available

DN 50mm - 200mm


SDR25, SDR33, SDR34, SDR39, SDR40,SDR41


Polyvinyl chloride

Executive Standard

ISO4427, AS/NZS4130, BS EN 12201

Colors Available

Black color with blue strips, blue color, or as per request.


Yes, sample available for small quantity needs.

Packing Method

Normal export packing, with 5.8m/11.8m length.

Production Lead Time

Depending on the order quantity.

Normally about 5 days for 20ft container, 10 days for a 40ft container.


ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

Supply Ability

150000 Ton/Year

Payment Method

T/T, L/C at sight

Trading Method


Pipe fittings  Life Span

70 Years


Specification of City drainage PVC-U pipes:


Outside Diameter(mm)

Wall Thickness(mm)



























Note: Special specifications can be customized. Please contact us for further products info and price. 
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PVC drainage pipes have been used more and more widely in various industries. The main material of PVC drainage pipes is polyvinyl chloride. polyvinyl chloride has strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance, this is the reason why PVC pipes are widely used at home and abroad.

Plastic pipes are widely used at home and abroad in urban water supply, drainage, construction water supply and drainage, hot water supply, heating supply and other fields. Among the many tubes or pipes, the application of PVC pipes is absolutely dominant in the market. In the new construction, reconstruction, and expansion of the city, 80% of the construction drainage pipes are plastic pipes, construction drainage, and rainwater drainage pipes also use plastic pipes. The utilization rate of urban drainage pipes has reached 50%. At present, new construction drainage system also uses PVC plastic pipes. With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in the world, in the urban planning and construction and construction of the drainage pipes network, the development market for PVC drainage pipes will also increase.

For the purpose of making the interior and exterior of the building more beautiful, the indoor rainwater drainage system is more and more widely used. The indoor rainwater pipeline is generally designed according to the no-pressure flow, but due to the large and concentrated rainwater flow, the gravity exists in the pipeline at the same time. Both flow and pressure flow conditions require indoor rainwater piping to be more pressure resistant than other drains.





PVC drainage pipe is an alternative product for traditional drainage pipes, with better physical and chemical properties. Its inner wall is smooth and has lower frictional resistance than conventional drainage material. Therefore, the installation slope of the transverse pipe is small, which can increase the net height of the building. Meanwhile, PVC drainage pipe is lighter, one-fifth that of cast iron pipe, easy to transport and operate; it adopts adhesive connection to facilitate installation and maintenance; its price is lower than conventional drainage pipes material, greatly reducing projects cost; strong corrosion resistance in construction. PVC pipes are widely used in Sewage waste water and rainwater piping systems. In addition, the widespread use of PVC drainage pipes can save steel materials. It is of great significance to ease the situation of China's steel shortage. Compared with cast iron pipes and steel pipes, PVC-U drainage pipes have to withstand the disadvantages of low pressure and weak impact resistance. In addition, although the PVC-U drain is a flame-retardant material, there is a possibility that the fire spreads upward along the drainage riser for indoor surface-applied pipelines.

Specification of City drainage PVC pipes(International Standard).




1. PVC pipe has high safety factor with excellent surface hardness and tensile strength.

2. Age resistance: the life span is 70 years.

3. Chemical resistance: the pipes are strongly resistant to inorganic acids, alkalis and salts, which is suitable for industrial sewage discharge and transportation.

4. Easy installation: pipes and fittings can stick together. This method is easy and efficient.

5. Small flow resistance: smooth inner wall fertilizer water speed, avoid blocking, and help maintenance.



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