Difference between PE water supply pipe and PE drain pipe

June 21, 2018

PE pipe has many uses. It can be used not only as a water supply pipe, but also as an irrigation pipe, a drain pipe, a threading pipe, etc. From the appearance, many people can't distinguish what the purpose is, then when customers choose PE pipe, How to choose the right one?

First, pressure

The PE water supply pipe is used to transport tap water. Generally, the water needs to be pumped from the underground to the ground then transported to the residents' homes. Because the PE water supply pipe needs to withstand the pressure of pumping, the PE water supply pipe generally divides 5 levels according to the pressure, 0.6Mpa, 0.8Mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.25Mpa, and 1.6Mpa. They were individually subjected to 6 kg pressure, 8 kg pressure, 10 kg pressure, 12.5 kg pressure and 16 kg pressure. The greater pumping pressure, the higher pressure rating is required for PE water supply pipes.

PE drains are generally discharged from the high water to the low gravity, so PE drains generally do not need to consider the pressure level.

Second, the price

Because the PE water supply pipe is a brand-new high-density polyethylene material, it is non-toxic and non-polluting, so the cost is relatively higher than that of the PE drainage pipes.

Third, the material

PE water supply pipes need to transport tap water for people's daily use, so PE water supply pipes must meet national hygiene standards, and PE water supply pipes must also be high-density polyethylene that meets national standards.

The purpose of PE drainage pipe is to discharge sewage, so long as it is degradable and does not pollute the environment. Generally, with the permission of the customer, PE drainage pipe can be added with some recycled materials for production, and the finished product has no bad effect on the usage.

Fourth, health standards

The PE water supply pipes are produced strictly in accordance with the national hygiene standards. The raw materials are all high-density polyethylene, and they are never doped with any recycled materials or other additives.

PE drains can be added some recycled materials for productions for the customer's own choice, subject to the customer's permission, and the finished product has no bad effect on the usage.

 PE water supply pipe and PE drain pipe

So, to sum up, if the PE pipe is under pressure in the use environment and the hygiene standards are strict, it must be a new material for the PE water supply pipe. If the customer uses the environment without pressure and without strict hygiene standards, the customer can choose a PE drain pipes with a relatively low price. In short, PE water supply pipes can be used as drainage pipes, but PE drainage pipes must not be used as water supply pipes.

When the customer chooses a PE water supply pipe, if it is not clear that the pipe produced by the manufacturer does not meet the standard, a manufacturer with a relatively large scale and complete qualification can be selected for purchase. The pipelines produced by general large manufacturers are certified and their quality is relatively guaranteed. If you still do not trust, you can choose the appropriate testing agency for identification.

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